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Metroid Zero Suit Samus 1600x900 by s3k94 Metroid Zero Suit Samus 1600x900 by s3k94
Rare Zero Mission art of Zero Suit Samus.
The Metroid Database had written about this art here:[Link]
Apparently found in this video (at the 0:50 second mark):[Link] THE VIDEO IS NOW PRIVATIZED 
The video is 
detailing a competition that is themed around Nintendo. It showcases a lot of Nintendo art. 
This is actually used in the Japanese Zero Mission cover art but was turned into a silhouette: 
The Japanese Zero Mission 
[website]  has an even fuller silhouette: [Link]
I tried to look for other places that had this art but I couldn't find any so I decided to upload this larger version that was basically done just by full screening the video and then screen capping it.
I made sure it was at the highest quality which was at 1080p. Unfortunately, it has jaggies but at least this is art is now available in a way. However, from the looks of the Japanese cover art and website this still isn't the full one.

EDIT 6/8/2017:
I have recently found an older version of the Japanese website, thanks to the Wayback Machine, that actually has sound and movement:[Link]
Interestingly, due to it now having movement there's an ever fuller look at the previously seen silhouette as it appears before the Zero Mission logo and the Power Suit Samus art blocks it:[Link]
At closer observation I realized that the silhouette had some movement as well.
After some time I found a way to have an unblocked view of it by right clicking on the page and then clicking on the "Back" option until the logo and art disappeared:
Now I had a full view of the silhouette and the movement was only on the hair:

Wasterbull Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I hope in the future Nintendo make a official artbook of Metroid since the first and the last game. A great collection.
s3k94 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
I would love for something like an art book to be released.
MetroidDatabase Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
I doubt we'll ever get them to release the official full-quality hi res version. The only next step would be to vectorize it.
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